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Active Cream EX
Active Cream EX

Active Cream EX


Incellderm Active Cream EX

Experience the Ultimate in Skincare

Product Description

Transform your skincare routine with Incellderm Active Cream EX, a revolutionary product designed to deliver profound hydration, rejuvenation, and protection for your skin. Formulated with cutting-edge ingredients and advanced technology, this cream targets various skin concerns to leave your complexion looking radiant and youthful.

Key Benefits

  • Intense Hydration: Deeply moisturizes the skin, ensuring long-lasting hydration.
  • Anti-Aging Properties: Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Brightening Effect: Evens out skin tone for a brighter, more luminous complexion.
  • Skin Barrier Protection: Strengthens the skin's natural barrier to protect against environmental stressors.
  • Smooth Texture: Improves skin texture for a smoother, more refined look.

How to Use

  1. Cleanse: Begin with a clean face, using your preferred cleanser.
  2. Tone: Apply toner to prepare your skin for optimal absorption of the cream.
  3. Apply: Take an appropriate amount of Incellderm Active Cream EX (about a pea-sized amount).
  4. Massage: Gently massage the cream into your face and neck using upward and outward motions.
  5. Absorb: Allow the cream to fully absorb into the skin before applying any additional products.

Key Ingredients

  • Niacinamide: Known for its brightening and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Provides deep hydration by attracting moisture to the skin.
  • Adenosine: Helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and supports skin regeneration.
  • Centella Asiatica Extract: Calms and soothes irritated skin, promoting healing.
  • Peptides: Boost collagen production for firmer, more elastic skin.


  • Volume and Weight: 50ml (1.69fl. oz)
  • Suitable for: All skin types, including sensitive skin
  • Dermatologically Tested: Ensured to be safe and effective

Why Choose Incellderm Active Cream EX?

Incellderm Active Cream EX is the perfect addition to your skincare regimen, offering unparalleled benefits that cater to the needs of modern skin. Whether you're looking to combat the signs of aging, enhance hydration, or achieve a more even skin tone, this cream provides a comprehensive solution that works. Join countless others who have discovered the secret to healthier, more beautiful skin with Incellderm.

Customer Reviews

Sarah K.
"I've noticed a significant improvement in my skin's texture and brightness since I started using this cream. It's now a staple in my daily routine!"

Michael J.
"This cream provides amazing hydration without feeling heavy. My skin feels so much more balanced and healthy."